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Why Organic Cotton

The Organic Difference

Have you ever walked into a store and smelled strange scents on their clothes? The smell that you are picking up are toxins from the manufacturing process and the materials. When you purchase organic clothes, in contrast, you receive clothing that is free of added chemicals or harmful toxins.

Why Organic Matters

The toxins on your clothes may seem harmless at first, but the reality is that these chemicals can do a lot of damage, especially to moms and babies with sensitive skin. When you place these chemicals against your skin, they get absorbed into the body and can end up harming your or baby’s health. Chemicals such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and petroleum can cause dangerous rashes and allergic reactions, especially to newborns.

Improve the Environment

It is not just your body that suffers when you choose products that are not all-natural and organic. The chemicals and toxins that are used in manufacturing clothing can also cause a great deal of harm to the environment. Sometimes, these processes add to your carbon footprint, and other times they contain harsh pollutants that do not easily break down and which lead to trash buildup outdoors.

Maintain Healthy Temperatures

Another advantage of using organic clothing for your new baby is that organic cotton adapts to the baby’s temperature. These materials help preserve your baby’s natural body heat and keep him or her healthy even in hot or cold climates. Plus, the fibers in organic cotton are much smoother and softer, causing less abrasion and irritation to sensitive baby skin.