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About Us

The Majesty Nation Story

Every year, thousands of babies are born. And, unknowing new mothers often purchase products made from chemicals and unnatural products to help care for their pregnancy and newborns without realizing the toxins they are putting onto both of their bodies! Majesty Nation recognized the need for chemical-free, organic products that all mothers could use during their pregnancy and raising their children. From there, an idea was born, and very soon Majesty Nation had a flourishing store providing organic products to new moms and babies.

Majesty Nation's Mission 

Majesty Nation believes in providing every mother with a clean and healthy way of caring for their child. Having healthy products is something that every parent should have access to, and that’s why Majesty Nation seeks to create non-toxic products for nursing mothers and new moms.

GOTS Certified

All the products at Majesty Nation are GOTS Certified, meaning that they meet the Global Organic Textile Standard. Every single product is made from all-natural organic cotton that are free from toxins and do not introduce any harmful chemicals to the skin. These gentle textiles are perfect for mothers or for babies with sensitive skin and meet stringent environmental and ethical standards.

Made from Premium Organic Turkish Cotton

The best cotton in the world is Turkish Cotton, a premium type of cotton with fewer joins and long fibers. Turkish Cotton is grown in the Aegean Region and has a soft, fluffy, and absorbent texture that only gets smoother the more you wash it. Plus, all our products are certified organic as well, meaning that you are receiving the highest quality, natural cotton products available.